Rosemary Cake


Sometimes I daydream about opening up a small tearoom.  It would be bright and cheerful and always smell delicious.  I would have a few staples and then bake what ever is seasonal/I felt like to serve with pots of steaming tea.  And this cake would be in regular rotation.

I know we all tend to think of rosemary as savory but it really works in this light cake.  And it’s not overpowering.  Just a subtle hint of rosemary throughout.  The original recipe recommended serving it with stewed apples which I think would be delicious.  I, however, opted to have it with some whipped cream.  And of course, tea.

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Tea and Tales


A few weeks ago I was incredibly lucky and got to go to an event sponsored by Susan Rothstein and the Jewish Food Experience.  The afternoon featured desserts and stories with all proceeds going to the Holocaust Survivor’s community Fund which will benefit the Jewish Social Service Agency’s Holocaust Survivor Program.

I wrote an article about the afternoon and it is over at the Jewish Food Experience

Good food for a good cause! And I can tell you, the next time I need to make a cake, it will be Florence’s Apple Cake!