Mini Blueberry Muffins


I love when the berries start to come in and suddenly there is a whole world of baking options before you.  My husband’s favorite berry is by far the blueberry.  So of course I would be baking with blueberries before the season has even really started yet.

Why mini-muffins?  Well you can use this recipe to make 12 regular sized muffins (just increase your baking time to about 20 minutes); the mini ones just seem more fun.  And they go a lot faster.  No one even thinks about eating a second muffin, but a fourth mini muffin… no problem!

This early the blueberries are a little on the tart side.  I like that but if you are not a fan feel free to add an additional tablespoon or two of sugar to the batter to help even things out.

And of course you can always substitute blackberries or raspberries in this recipe if you prefer.  They will make an equally delicious mini muffin.

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