Fig and Raisin Bread (Pan Con I Fichi Secchi E Le Uvette)


Some years, Easter and my sister’s birthday coincide.  This was one of those years. My brother, who is a middle school teacher in New Orleans, had his school spring break also line up perfectly this year.  So everyone came home to my mom’s.  This is the first time since last May that I have seen my brother and it’s been even longer since all three siblings were together.  It’s funny how quickly we all revert to our younger selves.

This family gathering also gave my mom the excuse to cook!  She has a new (and amazing and beautiful and I really want to make so many things in it) cookbook: My Tuscan Kitchen.

She made me this bread, and it is delicious! It sweet but not too sweet, and soft with chewy fig bits and just really good.

I will be making this one at my house for sure, though I would not recommend this as your first bread.  I would recommend tackling this one first.

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