Strawberry Jam with Mint and Black Pepper


This jam was the second recipe I put on my food blog back when I started it in law school.  And it is still a delicious jam.

My sister bought me a book on small batch canning and I had every intention of using this recipe to have delicious strawberry jam in January when all the strawberries are strip-mined hard things.

But I couldn’t for the life of me find either new jars or just new lids which would fit the jars I have.  Sometimes I miss not living in West Virginia where these things are easy to find.  And I got worried that the strawberries were on sale and abundant now… so I made it this weekend.  And just used my jars without preserving… so now I have a ton of delicious jam which much be consumed in three weeks…There are worse problems to have.

And maybe later this summer I will try my hand at a peach jam and can that one.

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