Baked Banana Pudding


I love banana pudding.  I love the kind made with whipping cream that never sees any heat, and I love the kind topped with a pile of meringue and then baked until golden brown.

This is a recipe for that second kind.  The kind with meringue and baked into a delicious soft pudding. But honestly I would be happy with either.  Banana pudding is a great comfort food.


I was supposed to have a small test this week which have ended up with me having at lest one stitch in my mouth.  Anytime I am looking at any oral testing or surgery I start thinking about delicious, soft, comfort food.  My mother sent me this recipe, I believe she found it in the People magazine.  My test got moved to two weeks from now but by then my banana pudding craving was raging so I made it anyway.  And who knows… I might make it again in two weeks!

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