Matzo Brei


Happy Passover!

I love Matzo Brei.  We eat it year round and it is a go-to breakfast for me.  Though I have been a little afraid to post this recipe.  I have learned that there are literally hundreds of ways to make matzo brei and people have very strong opinions that their way of making it is correct.

This is the way my husband makes it and so this is the way I know and I think is correct.  Though even he has a few variations:  add in fried onions (mmm), douse with jam (meh I like mine savory, not sweet), use everything matzo for added flavor. Some people put cinnamon and sugar on it, some people serve it with syrup, and some serve it with sour cream and applesauce.

And then there are differences in ways of cooking it.  We serve it more like a scramble but I have heard of making it like a big pancake or an omelet.  And some people don’t even break up the matzo and treat it more like french toast with milk and vanilla mixed in with the egg.

So basically you can make matzo brei to suit your taste and desires.

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