Spiced Red Wine Chocolate Cake


Tuesday was my birthday.  I am still not in possession of the largest appetite in the world so I skipped the traditional cake and ice cream Tuesday night.

But my husband is taking his mother out for Mother’s Day this weekend and I figured, since we will have family visiting from out of town, I might as well make myself the cake I would have made on Tuesday.  Since there will be people to share it with.

Though once I tried this cake I was a little less sold on the sharing idea.  It is delicious!  Fudgey, rich, moist, chocolatey and spiced heaven on a fork.  The mascarpone whipped cream topping is completely optional; the cake would be fantastic with just some powdered sugar dusted on top, but I really enjoyed the clean cool sweet of the topping with the chocolatey spice of the cake.

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