Homemade Ketchup


Sorry I have been away for a while.  I have mentioned a few times that I have been dealing with some health problems for the past little bit.  At recent trip to my gastroenterologist, she suggested it would be helpful for me to go on a strict Low FODMAP diet for a few weeks and then slowly reintroduce the different food groups back into my diet to see how I react.

All of which makes sense to me but has thrown my regular diet and cooking habits into a little bit of a tailspin.  No onions or garlic? Not even traces of onion powder?  I am lost.

So I have been learning how to cook many different things, and I have been trying a lot of different recipes.  I just haven’t been feeling confident enough in these new techniques and recipes to share them with you.

Until this one. This ketchup is low FODMAP and also delicious.  Have you ever gone to a fancy (or hipster) burger place and gotten House-made Ketchup with your fries?  Well this ketchup tastes pretty close to my memory of that fancy ketchup!

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Baked Beans


Can I call these Boston Baked Beans if I baked them in the Washington DC area? The end of summer seems to be rushing towards us, so my husband and I decided to have a big cookout with burgers and watermelon and baked beans.

About 7 years ago I started to notice symptoms which eventually resolved themselves into a food allergy for which I carry an Epi-pen and the whole nine yards.  I can’t consume nitrites.  The naturally occurring nitrate chemical in spinach and such are fine, but nitrites, found in processed meats, are forever off my table.  Which yes, means no bacon for me.  Or pepperoni.

‘Sad life’, as my sister would say.

But I have become more and more adept at substituting and avoiding and honestly, aside from a periodic craving for a delicious pepperoni pizza, I’m good.

One of the foods I have had trouble with is baked beans.  Bacon and baked beans just go too well together for most recipes to resist.  Thus I decided I would try to make my own.

It takes time, but luckily this is a recipe where the bulk of that time is very hands off so you can get a ton of other things done around the house.  A house that is steadily smelling better and better as the chores get done.  Who could want more!

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