Strawberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies


You all remember two weeks ago when I made homemade strawberry mint and black pepper jam.  And it was delicious.  But I completely failed at canning.  And well… despite my best efforts I have not been keeping up with the task of eating it fast enough.  And it is much too delicious to go to waste.  Thus, we have made my version of delicious, buttery shortbread thumbprint cookies.

There are a million variations on the thumbprint cookie.  This one is much closer to a lemon shortbread than some.  And, even though they may not be the most beautiful cookies ever to leave my oven, I really like the lemon when paired with the bright strawberry jam.  It really makes these Summer with a capital ’S’ cookies!

You don’t have to make the homemade jam to make these cookies.  I imagine any good strawberry jam would give you the same delicious summery cookie. Which may be just what you need in the cold of winter too.

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