I love carbs.  This we know.  So it probably isn’t surprising that I tend to judge an Indian meal on the naan.  And the store bought stuff I mostly find…. uninspiring. I like a fluffy buttery delicious bread, with fun bubbles and slightly crispy in spots.  I have not found this in any I have purchased.

So I set off to make my own and it is surprisingly easy.  And fun!  Though this is not classic and if you are a purist look away.  I use a cast iron skillet to get the bubbles.  I don’t own a tandoor.  Sorry.

I would recommend making some even if you have no interest in Indian food.  (Though if you do have interest in homemade indian food be sure to check back next weekend!) I have heard some people rave about how good pizza made with a naan crust is.  And really it would make a great accompaniment to any saucy dinner.

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