Frozen Coconut Limeade


My mom sent me a picture that was all rainy, misty, cold Fall feeling.  That is not the weather we have been having.

We have been hot.  Hot hot, like heat index of over 100 hot.  Sticky hot.

I can never decide if I love or hate this kind of hot.  A part of me loves the humidity and a part of me is longing for my mom’s Autumn day feeling.

But no matter it is hot now and it will be Fall eventually.

To help with the heat we found this delicious recipe.  It is simple, tart, and very refreshing.  And infinitely customizable.  Want to add a mango?  Why not, that would be wonderful!  Have kids coming over?  Up the sugar or use cream of coconut.  Having an adult-only party?  Add in some rum and pretend you are sitting on the beach in some amazing tropical location.

Though really the tropical location vibe is there in any variation.

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