Rye Bread


Rye Bread

So the Christmas tree and the Menorah are both officially down.  My husband and I have been cleaning pretty much all week.  And the house looks like normal.  I even took down my nice evergreen wreath and made a super cute snowman one for the door.  The holidays really have ended.

Happy 2015.  Yes I typed 2014 at first and then went back and erased it.  My fingers just seem to know how to type 2014 and I still have to think about the 5.  It will be mid-March before I adjust.  I know because I go through this every year. Sigh.

For New Years Day we decided to forgo traditional feasts and such.  I woke up a little sniffly and by the end of the day was in full-blown cold territory.  So I made fancy-schmancy grilled cheese and tomato soup.

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