English Muffin Bread


I love english muffins all toasted with butter melting into every little crook and cranny.

Before I started law school few months I worked the night shift at a power plant.  It was a rough job, 13 hours a day 7 days a week, and well over an hour commute from my house.  I would often stay at my Grandmother’s house, which was much closer, and sleep the entire day away.  Every morning when I would get home she would have a small breakfast for me, and almost always there was an english muffin waiting to be toasted and hungrily consumed before I fell asleep almost on my feet.

While this bread is not quite the same as a delicious english muffin in the early morning after working all night, it is quick and easy and still very delicious.  (And yes, that is my strawberry mint and black pepper jam you see on top of one delicious toasted slice.)

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