Cranberry Swirl Bread


My husband and I keep talking about how it doesn’t really feel like Christmas.  Maybe it is the weather which feels more spring than winter.  Maybe it is that we both are working right up to the very last minute, so haven’t had the chance to relax into the holiday like we have in the past.  Who knows?

But ready or not, feels like it or not, this week is Christmas.  And this bread tastes like Christmas. There is a rich, soft yeast bread, there is tart and sweet cranberry filling, and there is a super sweet powdered sugar top: apparently in my mind those things equal Christmas. Plus, it is an unspeakably beautiful bread. This is truly a bread to impress your fiends and family.

I hope you are spending this holiday with your friends and family.  And I hope that there is laughter, good food, and warmth.

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