Chocolate Thumbprint Peanut Butter Cookies


I have two stories to tell you.  The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

Story one: My mother was in the Strip District in Pittsburgh and saw a Guittard Chocolate Cookbook.  Missing her eldest daughter and knowing that book is something which will make her smile, buys it for me.

Story two:  My mother was in the Strip District in Pittsburgh and saw a Guittard Chocolate Cookbook.  Looking through it she saw some recipes which looked delicious but she knew there was no way she would ever make them for herself. However, if she bought it for her daughter she could get the daughter to make the desserts and she would get all the deliciousness with none of the work.

Somewhere in these two stories lies the truth… but either way my mother bought me the Guittard Chocolate Cookbook and I promptly decided I needed to to bake something.  Looking at what I had in my kitchen (and oddly having someone who like peanut butter cookies in my house!) I decided to make the Chocolate Thumbprint Peanut Butter Cookies.

I very rarely get to make peanut butter cookies because my husband doesn’t like them and due to peanut allergies I can’t take them to work.  But I really enjoy peanut butter cookies – and adding chocolate.. well… that just makes it the best!

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Black and White Cookies


Black and White cookies seem to be one of those quintessential New York desserts, much like Babka. I had never heard of them before I started dating my husband and I can honestly say I have never seen someone love them as much as my brother-in-law.

He came to visit last weekend for the Fourth of July and I decided this would be a good time to try this soft and cakey cookie. While mine came out a little too poofy they were still delicious and they taste pretty close to what you would find in bakeries and delis all over New York City.

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