One Pan English Breakfast


Ever since a stay in Ireland now almost ten years ago, I have loved baked beans with my breakfast.  I don’t go for blood sausage – I can’t do that, and I often still prefer a much lighter breakfast on a daily basis, but, when we are going for a full breakfast, I kind of adore the English Breakfast, beans and all.

So as the storm was approaching DC this past week (and oh my has it stormed!), my wonderful husband found this recipe for us to try.  He even went to the grocery store the day before the snow hit and we all know how much it sucks to be at the store the day before a blizzard.

This was a super easy and amazingly tasty breakfast!  We are already talking about making it again as soon as we can get out of the house.  It is spicy and sweet and filling and I highly recommend it even if you think I am crazy when I talk about the baked beans for breakfast.

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Simple Tomato Soup


This is a hard time of year to come up with dinners.  My husband is saying he wants lighter fare and to start the New Year with more healthy dinners.  Which is good and noble but my impulse in the dark cold days of January is to eat warm comfort food and look at the bitter cold drizzle outside my window.

This soup answers both those desires.  It is a thick rich tomato soup, just begging to be consumed with a grilled cheese sandwich and is if full of blended veggies.  Healthy, warm and comforting, and super quick and easy to make.  A perfect January dinner.

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Overnight Cinnamon Rolls


New Year’s Day was always a let-down holiday for me growing up.  Nothing was open on New Year’s, Christmas was packed up and over, your siblings were getting on your nerves, and worse yet school was about to start again.  Ugh.

Now that I am a adult… it’s still not my favorite holiday.  But I have already gone back to work after Christmas so I look more favorably on it as a day for relaxing after all the craziness of December.

And it is a great day to make homemade Cinnamon Rolls!

Yes, I posted this recipe years ago.  But I have updated it. I have added vanilla and cardamon.  I often can’t decide if I prefer cinnamon rolls to sticky buns so the addition of brown sugar and a long cool rising time gives you the perfect marriage of both.

I have also worked out the math to halve the original recipe, yielding a more manageable 6 cinnamon rolls (because they are never as good the next day and a homemade cinnamon roll is a terrible thing to waste).

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