Carmel Baked Apples


I told you last week I was going to be all about the apples this Fall.

I have had a tab with these apples open since June… ok, maybe not quite that long, but for a while. Anticipating.  And then… I made them for breakfast! I know, not the most traditional time to eat a gooey amazing baked apple but I think it works.  New trend alert!

The original recipe cut the apples a lot deeper for a “Blooming Onion” look.  I wanted mine to stay together a little more – or maybe I am just too lazy and lack the knife skills to pull the look off.  I’ll never tell.

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Apple Cinnamon Pancakes with Apple Cider Syrup


Have you guys seen the new limited edition Apple Cinnamon Special K cereal?  I bought a box… and then went back and bought some more.  Why is it limited edition?  I would eat it in June; who needs a season?  I do have a weakness for apple cinnamon things!

I love the way apple food takes over all the food blogs this time of year.  Apple cider doughnuts, apple fritters, apple cakes, baked apples: yes please!

I was craving pancakes the other day and decided to try out an apple-based recipe.  And I think I found a real winner.  The pancakes are fluffy and delicious and this syrup!  It is so good.  I have never made a syrup before and this was surprisingly easy.  But don’t tell anyone that.  It tastes complex and difficult.

Happy Fall!

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Lemon Pepper Swordfish


My husband and I are trying to eat more fish.  At least once a week.  It’s healthy!  But really there is only so much tilapia one can eat before it becomes… a little boring.  Even with all my tasty recipes for it…

So we got some beautiful swordfish steaks from Trader Joes. They came with a recipe for a lemon pepper butter sauce and that is what this recipe is based on.  Though I didn’t have a few of the ingredients so I made some substitutions.  And altered the proportions.  You know how I am.

And they were so delicious…

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Four Ingredient Chocolate Amaretto Fudge


My little sister’s drink of choice for awhile was the amaretto sour, so I have had a half-used bottle of Disaronno sitting in my cabinet for a good year or so.  It’s not my favorite.  Too sweet for me.

Thus I have been actively looking for ways to use it up and when I saw this fudge I couldn’t resist.  I realize criticizing an amaretto sour for being too sweet and then being a little rhapsodic about amaretto fudge seems a little…. odd. But hey, you expect fudge to be sweet.

And this fudge is so so easy! Just four ingredients which you basically just melt together!  That’s it.  Delicious and simple!

Though, if I make it again I will change things up a bit.  I think I would add marshmallow creme. This fudge came out a little soft for my taste, I want it more structured.  And the flavor is crying out for something cherry to me.  Dried cherries, maraschino cherries drained and chopped… stay tuned, I will probably repost a version that will be completely complicated and lose all of the beautiful quick simplicity of the recipe below.

Sigh, I just can’t leave things alone.  So here is the original, simplest, and quite possibly best version of chocolate amaretto fudge.

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