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English Muffin Bread


I love english muffins all toasted with butter melting into every little crook and cranny.

Before I started law school few months I worked the night shift at a power plant.  It was a rough job, 13 hours a day 7 days a week, and well over an hour commute from my house.  I would often stay at my Grandmother’s house, which was much closer, and sleep the entire day away.  Every morning when I would get home she would have a small breakfast for me, and almost always there was an english muffin waiting to be toasted and hungrily consumed before I fell asleep almost on my feet.

While this bread is not quite the same as a delicious english muffin in the early morning after working all night, it is quick and easy and still very delicious.  (And yes, that is my strawberry mint and black pepper jam you see on top of one delicious toasted slice.)

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Strawberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies


You all remember two weeks ago when I made homemade strawberry mint and black pepper jam.  And it was delicious.  But I completely failed at canning.  And well… despite my best efforts I have not been keeping up with the task of eating it fast enough.  And it is much too delicious to go to waste.  Thus, we have made my version of delicious, buttery shortbread thumbprint cookies.

There are a million variations on the thumbprint cookie.  This one is much closer to a lemon shortbread than some.  And, even though they may not be the most beautiful cookies ever to leave my oven, I really like the lemon when paired with the bright strawberry jam.  It really makes these Summer with a capital ’S’ cookies!

You don’t have to make the homemade jam to make these cookies.  I imagine any good strawberry jam would give you the same delicious summery cookie. Which may be just what you need in the cold of winter too.

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Liege Waffles


They say these are the true Belgian waffles.  Though I have also heard that what we call Belgian waffles were actually originally called Bel-Gem waffles at the 1964 Worlds Fair, but they were sold by a couple from Brussels and over time the name was changed.  (Yay for Wikipedia!) So nothing against American Belgian waffles.

Nerdiness aside, these are delicious waffles and I am now looking to book a flight to Belgium.  I had seen recipes for yeasted waffles floating around the internet for a while now.  I had even seen recipes for Liege waffles but it wasn’t until Smitten Kitchen posted a version that included a way to make your own pearl sugar that I was willing to commit.  We have made them a few times since then.  They are really really good.  And my breakfast-loving husband is always happy to have breakfast for dinner!

Though with two rising periods these do require a little advanced planning.  So so worth it though.

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Strawberry Jam with Mint and Black Pepper


This jam was the second recipe I put on my food blog back when I started it in law school.  And it is still a delicious jam.

My sister bought me a book on small batch canning and I had every intention of using this recipe to have delicious strawberry jam in January when all the strawberries are strip-mined hard things.

But I couldn’t for the life of me find either new jars or just new lids which would fit the jars I have.  Sometimes I miss not living in West Virginia where these things are easy to find.  And I got worried that the strawberries were on sale and abundant now… so I made it this weekend.  And just used my jars without preserving… so now I have a ton of delicious jam which much be consumed in three weeks…There are worse problems to have.

And maybe later this summer I will try my hand at a peach jam and can that one.

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