I love carbs.  This we know.  So it probably isn’t surprising that I tend to judge an Indian meal on the naan.  And the store bought stuff I mostly find…. uninspiring. I like a fluffy buttery delicious bread, with fun bubbles and slightly crispy in spots.  I have not found this in any I have purchased.

So I set off to make my own and it is surprisingly easy.  And fun!  Though this is not classic and if you are a purist look away.  I use a cast iron skillet to get the bubbles.  I don’t own a tandoor.  Sorry.

I would recommend making some even if you have no interest in Indian food.  (Though if you do have interest in homemade indian food be sure to check back next weekend!) I have heard some people rave about how good pizza made with a naan crust is.  And really it would make a great accompaniment to any saucy dinner.

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Tea and Tales


A few weeks ago I was incredibly lucky and got to go to an event sponsored by Susan Rothstein and the Jewish Food Experience.  The afternoon featured desserts and stories with all proceeds going to the Holocaust Survivor’s community Fund which will benefit the Jewish Social Service Agency’s Holocaust Survivor Program.

I wrote an article about the afternoon and it is over at the Jewish Food Experience

Good food for a good cause! And I can tell you, the next time I need to make a cake, it will be Florence’s Apple Cake!

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies


Yes I do realize this is the third chocolate chip cookie recipe I have posted.  And I may have a problem but it is one I am willing to live with.  I love chocolate chip cookies.  Homemade chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven, with the chocolate all melty and the edges crisp and delicious – there are few things better in life.

So we have a Halloween version and now we have a Valentine’s Day version.  For this one I highly recommend splurging and getting two different types of chocolate chips (I used good old Toll House and also the Ghirardelli 60% bittersweet ones).  The different chocolates and shapes of the chips really make them seem even more decadent and Valentine’s-Day-special.

Maybe next I’ll come up with Saint Patrick’s Dar and Earth Day chocolate chip cookies…. or my favorite: Bad Day at Work Day chocolate chip cookies.  They will make  you feel better.

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