Bread Stuffing


Every family has one of these recipes. A prized recipe, a secret recipe, a recipe to be handed down from generation to generation if you are lucky. Or a recipe to be hoarded and guarded.

This was my great-grandmother’s recipe. She made her bread stuffing rolled into balls. She wouldn’t give the recipe to my grandmother, her daughter-in-law. When my grandmother did finally get ahold of the recipe she made hers on a sheet pan and cut it into squares, allowing her mother-in-law to believe it was a different recipe.

My great-grandmother is probably rolling in her grave because I am sharing it.

This is not a stuffing that you cook inside the turkey, but one served alongside the turkey, part of all the trimmings. We make it at least twice a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. I have many memories of ripping slices of sandwich bread with my brother and sister, squirming from excitement and barely concentrating on the task.

This is one of those recipes that just screams family and holidays to me.

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Cranberry Crumb Bars


How is it already the middle of November?  I suddenly feel very unprepared for the coming holidays.  I have a lot of planned knitting to knit.  A lot of holiday baking to bake.  And of course there is work.  Yesterday it got cold and it was like suddenly my brain kicked in.  I have so much to do before the holidays!  And what did I decide to do with my freaking out about the way the days seem to have speed up around me?  I decided to make cookies.

It seemed only logical.

I love cranberries.  This time of year just screams cranberry to me.  When I was young my father used to make a cranberry pie.  It was delicious but so rich you could just barely eat a whole slice before surrendering.  But it was so so good!

These cookies remind me of my father’s pie.  They are delicious and rich, sweet and tart, mmmmmmmmm.  But they have two advantages over my father’s pie.  One, they take barely an hour from start to finish to make.  Two, they cut into much smaller portions so you have to eat two or three before raising the white flag.

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Cast Iron Pizza


I have been working on this one for a while.  Not that my husband is complaining; I have been making a lot of delicious pizza.  I just really wanted it to be right.  And delicious.  And replicable.

And I think I have it.

I have seen a lot of recipes making pizza in a cast iron skillets and I just had do so myself.  But none of them seemed quite what I was looking for.  Here is what I was looking for.  It’s like the best Pizza Hut pan pizza you have ever had but better.  Really!

Make it tomorrow, heck, make it for tonight if you have time.  And then tell me how yours turned out!

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