Spooky Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies

Need an easy last-minute Halloween treat for tonight?  I got you covered.
Ok, maybe they are more cute than spooky.  I can’t handle spooky spiders.  They creep me out.
There is a rule at my house: if the spider is outside, especially outside around my plants keeping all the harmful bugs away, then that spider can live.  But if the spider comes into the house I can’t deal and it must be killed!
I really don’t like spiders.

Spooky Spider Chocolate Chip cookies.
Inspiration from a Pinterest photo
So this isn’t really a recipe.  Make your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough.
There are few things better in life than making your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough!  But, and this is hard, you do need to reserve about an 8th of your chocolate chips.  Don’t just happily dump the whole bag in… and don’t eat the extra chocolate chips.  It will be hard. I know.
Instead, after you have scooped out your dough onto the cookie sheet, place one chocolate chip on top so you will be sure to have one nice one to work with. Still don’t eat any extra chocolate chips.  This is so hard, I know!
Bake your cookies.
Allow the beautiful golden delicious cookies to cool.  Meanwhile melt your chocolate chips with a little bit of butter.  Then using milk and powdered sugar turn it into a thick icing.
Carefully draw little spider legs coming off the chocolate chip you lovingly placed on the cookie. I used a toothpick but you may prefer a spoon edge or a knife.
And if you mess up?  Well that one has to be sacrificed in the name of taste-testing anyway!
Happy Halloween

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