Spooky Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies

Need an easy last-minute Halloween treat for tonight?  I got you covered.
Ok, maybe they are more cute than spooky.  I can’t handle spooky spiders.  They creep me out.
There is a rule at my house: if the spider is outside, especially outside around my plants keeping all the harmful bugs away, then that spider can live.  But if the spider comes into the house I can’t deal and it must be killed!
I really don’t like spiders.

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Round Flat Garlic Bread


Things get busy.  Things get hectic.  I am never sure how things get so busy.  I never plan for my days to get crazy.  Well, I rarely plan for my days to get crazy.  Somehow it just happens.

I’ll blame the beltway traffic.  I sometimes think the DC beltway traffic is the source of all my ills.  Plus it is easy to blame the traffic and not my time management skills deciding to take a holiday.

Anyway, if you have had a hectic day, and are anything like me, having a quick but tasty bread recipe in your back pocket is wonderful.  And this is a quick and tasty bread recipe.  Garlicky and delicious, just crying out for a comforting bowl of soup or saucy plate of spaghetti.  Enough to make you forget the traffic! (Seriously why was there traffic and how when we went around a turn did it all just magically disappear? There wasn’t an exit, the was same number of cars on the same number of lanes! Ahhhh!)

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Apple Crisp


I know that the internet is awash with pumpkin recipes right now, but I am sticking to my favorite fall flavor: Apple!

My mother used to make fruit crisps and cobblers when we were small.  I always liked the crisps best, and yet this is the first time I can remember making one myself.

When I described an apple crisp to my husband before I made it I said, “it’s apples and cinnamon, oats, sugar, butter, nutmeg…”  “So basically everything good,” he replied.

And then you put vanilla ice cream on top.

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Sherried Tomato Soup


If you have been following me for a while you have probably noticed that I am a fan of soups.  And as soon as I can even begin to imagine the weather might be turning a few degrees colder I am pulling out a soup pot and baking bread!

This tomato soup is delicious, creamy, and light enough for it to still be 70 degrees outside.  You can tell I was raised at a much higher altitude; it is crazy to me that here, in the double digits of October, we still have mostly green leaves and it is regularly mid-high 70s.  The weather is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, it is just not screaming October to me.

Even though I decorated. And there is a whole bag of fake spider webs just waiting for it to get a little closer to Halloween as well!.

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So everyone has seen the movie right?  Ok, just checking.  If you haven’t, well… you should watch it this weekend!  You’ll think twice about screaming the next time you see a rat run across the metro rails…. ok maybe not but it is a cute movie.

I always thought the cartoon made ratatouille sound tasty but I have to admit I have never really felt all that moved to make it.  Until our CSA provided us with all of the ingredients.  And they have been just sitting in my kitchen calling out to me to make them into something.

I remembered Smitten Kitchen’s “easy ratatouille” and I decided I should give it a try.  I did tweak her recipe a bit, I couldn’t find a zucchini at the Trader Joe’s and I was too lazy to try another grocery store (for example) but I think the end result was delicious.

I served it over a little fried polenta and with some delicious chewy bread.  Everyone online assures me it will be even better tomorrow served with a poached egg and toast.  I love when the leftovers come preassigned into a second meal!

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